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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama Wins Over the South

As the South Carolina primaries draw to a close tonight, exit polls show Barack Obama defeating Hillary Clinton in a landslide, with a projected twice as many votes (CNN). So what does this mean for democrats? Certainly with polls showing Obama garnering 81% of the African American vote (The Hill), race, like gender in New Hampshire, became a significant dividing factor within the party today. Which leads to the question - Are my fellow democrats voting with their heads or their hearts?

As a young white female, I am confident in the fact that my support for Barack Obama comes mainly from my belief in his ideals and political stances. If not for the needed change and inspiration I believe he will bring our federal government, there is not a doubt that I would relish in the opportunity to have our first female president. But the fact of the matter is that Hillary is no Barack. The hardened politician, regardless of experience, does not hold a light to the charismatic young senator from Illinois. I want change, and the "Audacity of Hope" draws me to Obama more than any female commiseration I would have for Clinton.

But I don't seem to be in the majority. With each candidate receiving a majority of support from their respective demographics, Clinton from females and Obama from African Americans, the Democratic party is divided and tension is in the air between the democratic candidates. Their tightrope walk of wanting to appeal to certain demographics while downplaying the impact their inherited traits have in this neck and neck race can only get more difficult as the campaign toward Super Tuesday continues on. And Obama's decided win tonight only makes February 5th more of a milestone in the democratic party's search for a candidate. I urge you all to make your voice heard and at the very least take an hour out of your day on February 5th to vote with your head and not with your heart.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Primary Outcomes as of January 15th

Iowa Caucus (January 3):
Democratic Winner = Barack Obama
Republican Winner = Mike Huckabee

Wyoming Caucus (January 5):
Democratic Winner = unknown before March 8
Republican Winner = Mitt Romney

New Hampshire (January 8):
Democratic Winner = Hillary Clinton
Republican Winner = John McCain

Michigan (January 15):
Republican Winner = Mitt Romney
Democratic Winner = Hillary Clinton [default win; due to Democratic Party's refusal to recognize Michigan delegates due to primary election schedules]

A look ahead:
January 19: Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primaries